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    5 Top Flooring Trends for 2020

    By Pam Vega on February, 23 2020
    Throughout the years as homeowners develop new tastes and technology advances, trends change. In flooring, these changes provide so many choices and options that allow fresh and new flooring designs for remodeling. Homeowners are loving the Medium brown tones. Finishes ranging from driftwood to ebony became very popular flooring favorites. Another trend that came on the scene and could continue for some time, is featuring flooring with imperfections such as knots and mineral streaks to enhance the aesthetics and create a more natural feel. Another huge thing was faux flooring. Wood look tiles were especially in trend.
    With that, 2020 is projected to bring with it even more new and exciting trends.


    Trend #1. Fumed Wood Flooring 


    Most all types of wood flooring sustain some sort of staining to provide that desired final finish. Fumed wood flooring gets its rich color and grain without the need for any sort of staining. Rather, the wood experiences a process otherwise known as fuming.  This involves placing the wood in a chamber. In this chamber, airborne ammonia is released. The wood reacts with the ammonia and results in a color change. The reaction is not exact each time and the final pattern, darkness and hue differs. The end product is much more beautiful that what you would see with stained wood flooring.


    Trend #2. Blanched & Bleached Woods


    Not everyone is a fan of the typical brown stains found in most wood flooring. For many, a softer white-washed appearance of a bleached floor is more appealing. This type of flooring consists of wood that has undergone a bleaching process, also called blanching. Blanching gives the wood an ashy white-washed look while allowing the natural wood grain to remain clearly visible from underneath.  So you don't have to give up the beauty of natural wood, t is just packaged in another style. Take a look at our home remodeling ideas page, which is full of our previous project pictures.

    This process is tedious and expensive. But the beauty of the end result is worth it for many and is predicted to be seen in all homes styles since it is so stunning.


    Trend #3. Concrete Tiles & Distressed Wood


    If wood flooring is not your preference you may also want to opt for the more and more popular distressed concrete flooring. In 2020, distressed concrete flooring will obtain more attention as homeowners look for alternatives to traditional wood floors.  Similar to distressed wood, distressed concrete undergoes artificial processes to minimize its' highly polished look resulting in an enhanced worn patina. Distressed concrete flooring can be integrated into many decor variation but works best in contemporary and industrial home styles.


    Trend #4. Wood Flooring Arranged with Attractive Patterns


    Why arrange the layout of your floor to look as everyone else’s when you could opt for this delightful and unique pattern? Herringbone and Chevron floor patterns are a unique way to add an accent to your dining hall or kitchen. They also look great in bathrooms! If you haven’t already noticed this fascinating flooring trend, expect to see them in 2020 home remodels as a sure fire trend this year!


    Trend #5.  Black & White Vintage


    Vintage has always been about nostalgia–time honoring and reliving memories of decades past. In 2020, black and white tiles are making a strong return! This is not the same old black and white tiles that graced historic homes. Rather, they are graphic, bold and more luxurious.  It is becoming increasingly common for homeowners to seek out a unique twist to the vintage flooring style. This consists of smaller tiles with bolder graphic patterns. This end result is a perfectly blended vintage look with a hint of contemporary for a perfect look and feel.

    To Sum it All up

    The general sentiment going into 2020 is that we are no longer satisfied with the conventional materials. Homeowners want flooring elements that have been specially treated to provide unique texture and design. Whether, fumed wood, blanched flooring, textured tile or wood looking tiles; we are seeking out new and exciting options. Thankfully, 2020 delivers that variety, quality, style and so much more...You are sure to be delighted!



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