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    Wake up to the Comfort of Bedroom Carpet

    By Pam Vega on January, 14 2020
    Waking up to velvety plush bedroom carpet is a wonderful thing. Carpet ads warmth and quiet to a room that is meant for relaxation and calm. If you’re looking for new flooring for your bedroom, you can’t go wrong with the comfort of carpet.


    Why Choose Carpet for the Bedroom?

    For many, the bedroom is a sanctuary — it's a place to retreat and renew our body and spirit for the coming day.  Not many things say comfort and relaxation better than the feeling of cozy and soft carpet underfoot. Carpet provides a soothing warmth that you sometimes can't find in other flooring products.

    And since the bedroom is unlike any other part of the home where you may be limited in your flooring choice, the low-traffic of a bedroom retreat gives you the freedom to pamper yourself with the plushness and luxury of the carpet of your choice.


    Here is where you can select a more luxurious carpet style. As you will more that likely want the carpet in your bedroom to be a cut above the carpet in the rest of the higher traffic areas of your home.



    About Color Trends

    Currently, we are seeing darker hues as a color of choice for carpet. Keeping with the desire to create luxurious and comfortable surroundings in the bedroom, especially the master bedroom. This is a way to make your place of retreat set apart from the rest of the house.


    For some time the more sandy and taupe textures have been more dominate choices for carpet, but now with so many different choices in the gray palette along with an assortment of both plush and loop piles, gray has become the celebrated color choice.



    What is Your Room Design?

    When selecting a carpet, you want to get the most important element right and that is the color. This will connect to the rest of the colors and textures in the room.  Consider your wall color, furniture style, window treatments and bedding. Keep the focal point of the room in mind and find a carpet that works with it and does not take the show.

    Another thing to think about is what type of atmosphere and feel are you looking to create? How do you want your floor to feel underfoot when stepping out of bed? How soft and layered do I want the pile and texture to be?


    For adaptability, the best carpet shades for most room designs are charcoal, sand and taupe. And if you have pets and children bouncing in and out of your bedroom on the regular, You may want to consider  mid tones, They are are the safest choice, and will disguise stains and dust. 



    Pile Types and Fibers

    You will also want to think about which pile type complements your lifestyle and decor and contemplate the style you are looking to achieve. Plush and twist styles will provide a more luxe look, but If you have a more textured room decor, you may prefer a loop or textured carpet.


    Choosing a loop-pile carpet can help you to achieve a more casual vibe to your bedroom. You can find some really beautiful loop piles, in an assortment of shades and textures that will provide that relaxed or coastal feel.


    Something to consider:  If pets are allowed into your bedroom, a twist style is preferred. This style will prevent their sensitive claws from getting caught in the carpet fibers.


    What about Pile Height and Density?

    It is also important to consider pile height and density when choosing a carpet. If you are looking to create a luxurious hotel ambiance, you will want to find a long and plush pile carpet. On the other hand, shorter and tighter piles are more durable and harder-wearing and will show less indents and signs of wear.


    Types of Materials

    There are so many materials and constructions to choose from. There is wool, nylon, wool-nylon blends as well as the more luxurious choices such as wool-silk blends and alpaca. If you are looking for the ultimate in luxury, softness and long lasting beauty, there is not many that can beat wool carpet. Not only is it a sustainable and natural material, but it is also easy to maintain.


    We are not implying that nylon should be ruled out, especially with the current high quality solution dyed nylon products. With the advances in technology, synthetic carpets have become softer and are becoming softer all the time. All in all, they are the most durable, cost-efficient and stain-resistant, even when compared to pure wool carpet.


    If you want the best of both worlds, keep in mind there is also the wool blend. A wool blend carpet with provide the durability of a synthetic material with the natural attraction of wool. Perfect for those who desire a wool carpet but also know that the challenges of a busy lifestyle are a factor.


    Consider Shading

    If you have envisioned your dream bedroom floor covered in a beautiful plush carpet, you will want to remember that one of the features of a plush carpet is "shading". The darker the color, the more noticeable carpet shading will be. This is the effect you may have noticed when vacuuming or even running your hand across the carpets surface.


    Plush carpets are made by cutting the loops of the carpet and then shearing the tips of the fibers. The color difference that appears with reverse shading is one of the reasons plush carpet is preferred in the more quiet spaces of the home, such as the master bedroom.


    Do Your Research

    Choosing the right style of carpet can definitely be a challenge, but even with the many options available, there are a few things that will help your carpet buying experience easier.


    When visiting the showroom, it would be helpful for you to bring along the materials and colors you have chosen for the room. Once you have made the decisions and considered all of your options, you may want to also take home some samples to see how your carpet will appear different times of the day 


    “It’s a good idea to take along images to the showroom to obtain the look you want to create, as well as materials and colors that you’ve selected for the room. Once you've narrowed down your options, take home samples so you can see what they will look like at different times of the day and under different lighting conditions.”

    And last but not lease, don’t forget to put your choice to the ultimate test of all: and that is, the softness test. For this, all you need to do is...kick off your shoes and let your feet sink in!



    Bedroom Carpet Ideas -The right carpet will add warmth to your bedroom for years.


    Carpeted Bedroom Ideas




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    - February 24, 2020

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