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    Luxury Vinyl Plank; What you need to know!

    By Jessica Mushinsky on August, 27 2019
    Luxury Vinyl Tile lock

    Luxury Vinyl Plank, or better known as LVP, has become a top choice for many homeowners due to its durable features and beautiful look. This product has started to take over the flooring industry and while many homeowners love this product for their home renovation projects they rarely know what LVP is and where the right places in the home are to use it.

    This article is going to breakdown what Luxury Vinyl Planking is and when it's best to use this product.




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    What makes Luxury Vinyl Planking such a popular material is it's unique composition. Similar to laminate, it is composed of several layers:

    1. Wear Layer: The surface layer is referred to as the wear layer. This top layer protects your floor for everyday wear and tear.
    2. Print Layer: Beneath the wear layer, you will find the print. This print is a high-definition image. These high-definition images are able to give the LVP many different looks, including the ever popular, wood look.
    3. Interlocking System: Underneath the print you'll find the interlocking system that make the product easy to install.
    4. Waterproof Core: The fourth layer, the waterproof core, is a revolutionary innovation for flooring. This technology allows you to install these floors in moisture-prone areas such as kitchens, baths, and basements.
    5. Attached Underlayment: Lastly, you will find the underlayment which provides the support and comfort of this product.

    Luxury Vinyl Tile lock


    When searching for the right LVP remember, the thicker the wear layer and the vinyl, the higher quality the product is. So keep in mind to look for a luxury vinyl plank that has both attributes.

    Now you know how its made you'll need to know some attributes and what makes this flooring material so awesome. 


    What's so great about LVT?

    Water Spill on Floor


    LVT is Water Resistant

    As mentioned before Luxury Vinyl is water resistant which provides homeowners with ease of mind when installing floors in moisture-prone areas. It's such an exciting product since the styles and prints LVP comes in are endless and you can install them in virtually any room without worry of water damage!


    There are caveats to LVT's water resistance, depending on if you grout around each tile or not.


    Endless Options of Styles

    Vinyl Panels


    As stated before the styles and prints are endless!


    LVP can be manufactured to mimic the look of traditional hardwood, natural stone and tile (also known as Luxury Vinyl Tile).


    Which gives the homeowner the ability to have the look of these materials for a fraction of the cost and with durability other flooring materials cannot provide.



    It's Durability

    Lastly, Luxury Vinyl is incredibly durable. Its added thickness and wear layer can give homeowners ease of mind when it comes to making the right flooring decision. It's extremely scratch resistant and waterproof making this a perfect flooring for busy household, pet-approved flooring and for areas in the home that are more prone to water or spills.

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