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    Kitchen Trends - What's In And What's Out?

    By Pam Vega on November, 7 2019

    Whether cooking meals, hosting family and friends, or just lingering in great conversation after a meal. Our kitchen is the heart of our home and holiday get-togethers.


    With all the time we spend in our kitchen, keeping it stylish, up to date and functional is key. When making updates, it is likely the room we want to focus on the most.

    If design trends are important to you, we have some trends here that are in and some that are heading out.

    IN: The Blacksplash Featured Wall

    Design professionals predict that backsplashes are on track to make a bigger statement moving forward, as we are seeing designers extend the backsplash tile as far as the ceiling. Gone are the days of just a pop of tile atop the counter, but now you find designers featuring an entire wall backsplash. This look adds a beautiful visual appeal and just the term "backsplash" in it self is appealing. 



    IN: Steel & Glass Room Dividers

    We have seen the trend for years with glass and steal front doors and showers. But we are now seeing this design used to separate living rooms and kitchens. The benefit to these is that they allow the food scents and noise to remain in the kitchen, while keeping the space open with a stunning visual effect of an open floor plan.

    If you aren't quite ready to open up your floor plan, but still want to make the rooms feel connected, this is a great option.



    IN: Darker Hues

    As most experts acknowledge, Dark colors are making a huge comeback. Cabinets and flooring are richer and deeper. Although kitchen color trends are vast and varied and pops of color are also big right now, dark cabinetry, walls,  and work surfaces are experiencing a bit of a revival.



    IN: Bench Kitchen Seating

    This concept is great especially if your kitchen is "space challenged". There are some great advantages to bench seating that you may want to consider.

    • Reduces the feeling of clutter
    • Provides ample seating 
    • Many different sizes, designs and themes are available 
    • Provides a comfortable place to sit during meals, while allowing everyone to remain connected even with a larger group. 


    IN: Mixing up the Metals

    Nothing says "update" like a black gooseneck faucet. The right hardware in your kitchen will not only look great, but will also tie everything together. In addition to personalizing your kitchen, it's also a cost effective way to give your kitchen a pick me up.

    Choose a couple of nice metals and update your pulls, knobs and plumbing. Try a cool brushed nickel finish, Matte black for a minimalistic look or if your wanting a warmer metal, try brass or copper instead.


    OUT: Everything All White

    As pops of color and darker hues are being used by designers, the everything-all-white is less popular. 

    OUT: The Single Accent Wall

    Gone are the days of painting just one wall in your room with an accent color. But, we are seeing more and more homeowners painting all four walls, trim and molding too-in bold colored paint.

    OUT: Open Shelving

     Although this trend will take a bit of time to go away, this impractical concept will become less popular in years to come. The open shelving "being real" trend although a good concept, it's just not very practical for functioning family's and kitchens.

    Bottom line...what ever your style and budget, You do You! Create a home you love, your family will love and enjoy spending time in. That's a trend that will never go out of style!


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