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    How Long Will It Take To Install My Floor?

    By Rob Lewis on June, 20 2019
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    Oh, just a few days!

    ... I wish it was that simple.




    Although the answer depends on the situation, we can give you an estimate of how long it will likely take to install your new floors.






    Here are the biggest variables that will affect how long it will take:

    1. The material you have chosen for your new floors.
    2. The time of the year - which will also affect the size of the crew doing the job.
    3. The size of the space you’re installing in.


    You can typically expect most flooring jobs to take about 3 to 5 weeks depending on your specific situation, which includes the lead time for the product to be ordered.

    Other Variables To Consider


    • If there is large, heavy furniture to move it may be up to you to move it before the installation begins. Otherwise, the installers will charge more to move the furniture. It will take more time, and, because of the liability - some installers and companies will not move furniture at all.


    • If there are stairs that need to be upholstered. They are often overlooked in the planning process on the customer's end and do require more time.


    • Expect more time if the room is a large space and seams are required. Seams in a carpet can be made so they are difficult to see and often are required as carpets mostly come 12’ wide. If your room is wider, it must have a seam. Some products show seams much more than others so ask about this if it is a concern. Seams in sheet vinyl may also be required depending on the layout and often require extra material because of the need to match the pattern.


    • Always factor in the removal and disposal of the current floor covering.


    • Be sure to account for the time it will take to prep the subfloor and underlayment depending on the material you’ve chosen.


    • And the biggest, most relevant of them all: always account for unforeseen problems, primarily with the subfloor upon removal of your current floor.
      • Carpet 800 SF per day
      • Ceramic tile 250 SF per day, plus 1 extra day to grout
      • Hardwood (prefinished), Laminate, LVT 500-800 SF per day
      • Sheet Vinyl 400 SF per day


    Fish tanks, aquariums, custom furniture, grandfather clocks, grand pianos, pool tables, and audio-video equipment are almost never moved by installation crews.


    Generally, the following timelines apply for basic installation (add ½ day for rip up and prep per the quantities below):




    It seems as though one of the hardest questions to tackle makes for one of the shortest articles we’ve created!

    The first thing we want to do is to help with all of the flooring questions you might have. One of the most popular questions we receive is, “How long is this going to take?”


    When it comes to floors, take a look at all of the variables we’ve collected above and see which ones apply to you. This familiarity combined with the help of your local experts and some knowledge on the material you’re installing should yield a reasonable expectation as to how it will take.


    Check out our other articles here (I will provide a link) to learn more about with flooring material you’re interested in!



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    - December 24, 2019

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