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    A Weekend Home Makeover for Floors and More

    By Pam Vega on December, 4 2019

    Home fashion, much like clothing styles are constantly changing. Keeping up is a never-ending challenge and can also be very costly. That’s why it’s always good to make wise decisions with large home remodeling purchases and projects by choosing timeless products that are not likely to go out of style.

    Maybe you aren’t quite ready for that complete home makeover but you are wanting a bit of a facelift or refresher. Here are a few tips to help you make some outstanding changes without breaking the bank or disrupting your lifestyle with a major remodel.

    The Weekend Makeover

    As we mentioned before, sometimes the only thing tighter than your budget is your schedule. In these instances, a weekend kitchen makeover might be the best bet. The key here is concentrating on a few high impact areas. Once you change these, you elevate the entire look, and the space will look like new. All you need is hardware store supplies, a few helping hands and a free weekend to set you up for a successful transformation.


    The Vent Hood

    Vent hoods are a small change, but just this one simple change can make the entire kitchen look very fashionable. For instance, your builder-basic, over-the-range microwave may be functional, but by merely removing the microwave from the wall and putting in a practical vent hood, this simple replacement will give your space a beautiful high-end look.


    A New Backsplash

    Use a new backsplash to give a kitchen a bright new look, cover up holes in the wall, and protect the wall. This is faster (and cheaper) than a fresh paint or tiling job, but regardless, can be very visually pleasing. Installing a classic subway tile backsplash provides a subtle contrast to the bright white cabinets.


    Cabinet Doors and Handles

    The cabinets are one of the highest impact areas of a kitchen, so 1updating the color and style of the doors and handles can make a big difference with very little effort. All it takes is a trip to the hardware store, a few handy tools and you are good to go!


    Modern Touches

    Need some modern updates so your place doesn't feel outdated? Consider a few modern touches to your kitchen and lean towards a farmhouse decor, like some brass pendant lights or a 2window seat that can double as an appliance storage.


    What about your floors?

    Maybe you have decided to replace a portion of the floor throughout your home, but some rooms are still in good shape. To give the floors you don’t plan to replace a weekend makeover, there are some really great options!


    Thicker Carpet Cushion

    You may find that your carpet is still in good condition, but underfoot is not as comfortable or soft as it once was. This may be due to cushion that is too hard or that is worn

    If your carpet fibers are still in good condition, but you find that your underfoot comfort level is not as it used to be, the underlayment may be too hard, or cushion may be giving way. You can make a huge comfort makeover by simply adding or replacing the cushion below your carpet.

    regrout-tile-flooringRe-Grout Existing Tile Flooring

    Through the years and with constant foot traffic, tile grout can become dirty and deteriorate. 3You can refresh your tile floors with a good cleaning and re-grout. Today, there are many colors to choose from and you will be amazed at the difference this change will make. This will provide an increased level to your flooring and will make future maintenance easier and provide a beautiful visual outcome to your cleaning efforts


    Give Your Floors a Good Deep Cleaning

    Regardless the flooring type, no one wants dull or dirty floors. A good deep cleaning will be just the ticket and will make the whole room appear brand new. Don’t have the time or energy to do it yourself? No problem, there are many floor cleaning professionals that will come out and spruce up those lack luster flooring spaces. Whether you have wood, tile or carpet, the result of a professional cleaning will make you fall in love with your floors again.


    Now that you have some inspiration, schedule out some home improvement weekends and tackle your new found home improvement projects. If you need more information about how to care for your particular type of flooring, reach out to one of our friendly flooring professionals for some guidance and helpful advice and just go for it!


    1Changing the hardware on both sets of cabinets took about 45 minutes. A pretty quick update!


    2A DIY window seat with storage is a fantastic, budget-friendly way to transform a boring window wall into a beautiful focal point.


    3Tile regrouting is a simple, yet effective process that can bring your shabby looking floor tiles back to life. It’s a cost-effective way to create a fresh look without installing new tiles. While ceramic tiles are quite resistant, the grout in between them is delicate. This is why it’s important that you regrout your floor tiles if you observe any breakage or damage in the grout lines.

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    - December 14, 2019

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